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Missing in much of that work are the tools required to continually, share, critique and maybe refute and improve the models generated from others.Accordingly, this talk explores what extra is required in order to perpetually test the models generated by communities working on data science. D., UNSW) is a full Professor in CS at North Carolina State University where he teaches software engineering and automated software engineering.Her research is in Software Engineering, inspired/informed by program analysis and transformation, with a side of search-based software engineering.

genetic algorithms, evolution strategies, and genetic programming), ant colony optimization, and particle swarm optimization. All submissions should be performed electronically through Easy Chair.Evo Suite is a tool that automatically generates test cases with assertions for classes written in Java code.To achieve this, Evo Suite applies a novel hybrid approach that generates and optimizes whole test suites towards satisfying a coverage criterion.His research relates to synergies between human and artificial intelligence, with particular application to data mining for software engineering.He is the author of over 230 referred publications; and is one of the 100 most cited authors in software engineering out of over 80,000 researchers ( FJs).Maximum of 4 pages, describing novel techniques, ideas, or positions that have yet to be fully developed; or that discuss the importance of recently published SBST work by another author in setting a direction for the SBST community.