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We’re going to quote a key section from that story for our readers who may not be up on the Shelly Miscavige story.
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The historical classification of Diprotodon consisted of eight species (Diprotodon optatum Owen, 1838; Diprotodon australis Owen, 1844; D. Eight species are described although many researchers believed these actually represented only three at most while some estimated there could be around twenty in total.

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Cyclic variations in the strontium isotope ratios within the tooth enamel of a 300,000 year old fossil imply that Diprotodon undertook seasonal migrations, making it the only known extinct or extant metatherian to do so.The taxonomic implication is that Owen’s original Diprotodon optatum is the only valid species.A single sexually dimorphic species allows behavioural interpretations.Get started with browsing a truly special collection of videos which will grant extra access to a wide number of fake celebrities porn clips.No matter your preferences, you will find this section more than hot as it will provide a lot of fake celebs nudity scenes and fetish porn moments in a great deal of adult clips.This appears to be a defect in the browser which should be addressed soon.