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Notwithstanding the inclusion in the Indiana Code of provisions relating to process, practice, procedure, or appeals that have been superseded by rules of court, those provisions have only such force as they had before the enactment of the Indiana Code. Punishments, penalties or forfeitures may be imposed and enforced as if this Code had not been enacted. The general assembly may preserve the legislative history of this subsection by adoption of a concurrent resolution and publication of the resolution in the legislative journals.(B) If any SECTION, legislative district, or other provision of P. L.224-2003 is found by a court with jurisdiction to be in violation of Article 4, Section 23 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana, it is the intent of the general assembly that the provision be given general application. However, such a statute expires on the expiration date provided in the statute.(b) An act of the general assembly that repeals IC 1-1-1-2, IC 1-1-1-2.1, or another section of this chapter has the effect of repealing all the statutes listed in IC 1-1-1-2, IC 1-1-1-2.1, or that section of this chapter, whichever is applicable.

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We'd stay somewhere nice, have great sex and just enjoy each other's company.

At some point we'd always go shopping and I'd treat her - shoes, dresses, you name it.

However, he has also starved himself to skin and bone for roles in The Fighter and The Machinist for which he dropped 55kg.

He reportedly pulled out of the Ferrari biopic early last year after he had trouble gaining enough weight in time for filming.

This newest version is like a holographic projection of Poison - it lacks depth, warmth, multidimensionality, vivacity, complexity. When I smell this scent I imagine very rich,beautiful, mature real ladies. Extreme potent juice, super longlasting and better used in fall and winter, even better night time.

Now all I get is a blast of a weird lipsticky-powdery scent which, paradoxically, smells totally dated. (vintage from a dauber sample) This seems to smell different to me than to other reviewers. As it settles I get some spice and woodiness, and then it gets a little challenging with all of the listed notes coming out and saying hi. The plum and berry are really subtle on my skin, more of a sourness.

Aoife Kelly A picture says a thousand words and the facial expressions of Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan and Jessica Chastain as Kate Winslet speaks enthusiastically about working with Woody Allen ate certainly a...

This dark, mysterious and elegant perfume, which won a Fi Fi award in 1987, was created by Edouard Flechier. I have a newer formulation that I received for my birthday, back in June.Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.The 43-year-old star has often gained and lost a lot of weight top help him get in character for various roles.He sported a pretty impressive paunch in American Hustle while he gained pound upon pound of muscle to play Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy.With his fuller figure teamed with a shaved head and bleached eyebrows, he really does look unrecognisable.