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That figure comes from adding up the number of adults who said they either had made a video or teleconferencing call online (17% of adults have done that) or made video calls on their cell phones (6% of adults have done that).

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If you want to date a girl, you need to let her know that! And if you’re just looking for a fling thing, you’d definitely like it too!

[Read: How to get a sex buddy] # Girls definitely like a guy who’s shy at first but opens up after a few conversations.

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And that’s where a perfect shy guy who is every girl’s dream loses a great girl and ends up becoming her friend instead of her boyfriend.#5 Shy guys don’t have confidence around other people, especially other guys.If another guy tried to flirt with your girlfriend, would you have the courage to make a stand and put the other guy in place? Pursue the girl silently by avoiding long conversations face to face at the beginning and focus all your attention on your texts and gifts.I was a shy girl once too and I know how hard it can be to change.But the only way to have better opportunities in life is by trying hard to eliminate that shy side of yours.[Read: 10 biggest dating turn offs for girls] #1 The problem with shy guys is that they have no balls. They’d rather stand in the sidelines than take center stage.