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claim to have the drop on the alleged mistress, a woman named Mia Angel Burks. According to a loyal Baller Alert reader, that information is not true. Baller can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.

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Many would-be users objected to the i Phone's cost, The i Phone 3G was available in an 8 GB black model, or a black or white option for the 16 GB model.The i Phone 3GS was available in both colors, regardless of storage capacity.The device comes with the same 326 pixels per inch found in the i Phone 4 and 4S.The i Phone 5 has the So C A6 processor, the chip is 22% smaller than the i Phone 4S' A5 and is twice as fast, doubling the graphics performance of its predecessor.The i Phone 3G added 3G network support, and was followed by the 3GS with improved hardware, the 4 with a metal chassis, higher display resolution and front-facing camera, and the 4S with improved hardware and the voice assistant Siri.

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They were followed by the larger i Phone 6, with models featuring 4.7 and 5.5-inch displays.On September 12, 2012, Apple announced the i Phone 5.It has a 4-inch display, up from its predecessors' 3.5-inch screen.Apple has released eleven generations of i Phone models, each accompanied by one of the eleven major releases of the i OS operating system.The original 1st-generation i Phone was a GSM phone and established design precedents, such as a button placement that has persisted throughout all releases and a screen size maintained for the next four iterations.Apple rejected the "design by committee" approach that had yielded the Motorola ROKR E1, a largely unsuccessful collaboration with Motorola.