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Mount Katmai has long been recognized for its caldera collapse during the great pyroclastic eruption of 1912 (which vented 10 km away at Novarupta in the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes), but little has previously been reported about the geology of the remote ice-clad stratovolcano itself.

Over several seasons, we reconnoitered all parts of the edifice and sampled most of the lava flows exposed on its flanks and caldera rim.

As the volcanic summits reach 1830–2290 m and lie in a region of high precipitation, all the centers are heavily ice covered, as (to a lesser degree) is 2330-m-high Mount Griggs northwest of the frontal axis.

Access is difficult because the Katmai cluster lies entirely within the roadless wilderness of Katmai National Park.

An intracaldera lake was ∼10 m deep by 1916, drained away in 1923, and has since deepened progressively to ∼250 m today.

Compositionally, products of Mount Katmai represent an ordinary medium-K arc array, both tholeiitic and calcalkaline, that extends from 51.6% to 72.3% Si O) that erupted at Novarupta in 1912 was withdrawn from beneath Mount Katmai and bears close compositional affinity with products of that edifice, not with pre-1912 products of the adjacent Trident cluster.

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The seismic record of caldera collapse includes 14 earthquakes of magnitude 6.0–7.0.Five andesite-dacite stratovolcanoes have erupted during the Holocene within 15 km of the 1912 vent at Novarupta, and all remain fumarolically active today: Mount Katmai, Trident Volcano, Mount Mageik, Mount Martin, and Mount Griggs (Fig. The first four are virtually contiguous along a N65ЈE.trend that defines the Quaternary volcanic front, whereas rear-arc Mount Griggs (Hildreth et al., 2002, 2004) is centered 12 km behind the front.Evidence is presented that the 7–8 km of rhyolite magma first, followed by mutual mingling in fluctuating proportions; (2) thermal and redox continuity of the whole zoned sequence despite the wide compositional gap; (3) Nd, Sr, O isotopic, and rare earth element (REE) affinities of the whole array; (4) compositional continuity of the nearly aphyric rhyolite with the glass (melt) phase of the phenocryst-rich dacite; and (5) phase-equilibrium experiments that indicate similar shallow pre-eruptive storage depths (3–6 km) for rhyolite, dacite, and andesite.Mount Katmai rises at the head of the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes on the upper Alaska Peninsula, along the volcanic front of the Aleutian arc.Information can be obtained from the National Park Service (Box 7, King Salmon, Alaska 99613; 907-246-3305) or the King Salmon Visitor Center (907-246-4250);